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YES gratefully accepts donations and in-kind gifts* in support of our mission. All gifts will be acknowledged, including a receipt for tax-deduction** purposes. 

Suggested giving levels:

Friend $25-$50
Supporter $51-$249
Champion $250-$499
Sustainer $500-$999
Benefactor $1,000+






 *Please contact us for our current “wish list.” 

**YES is awaiting tax-exempt determination by the IRS. If favorable, all gifts made on or after April 19, 2022 will be deductible. If unfavorable, we will contact you to return or retain your gift according to your preference.  

We invite you to invest in this next generation of job creators and social innovators by adding your name or your company’s name as a supporter of BizVenture! It will pay dividends for you, your company, and the region for many years to come! 

Top billing for your organization: “BizVenture! presented by [YOUR NAME HERE].” Opportunity limited to just five (5) presenters. Plus the bennies in the table below.

“BizVenture! underwritten by [YOUR NAME HERE].” Opportunity limited to just ten (10) underwriters. Plus the bennies in the table below.

“BizVenture! sponsored by [YOUR NAME HERE].” Limited to fifteen (15) sponsors. Plus the bennies in the table below.

Prize/Scholarship Sponsor
BizIdea prize, BizKamp scholarship, or BizPlan prize named for your or your organization. Plus the bennies in the table below. 

Benefits Presenter
Scholar. Sponsor

Hotlink on YES website and email newsletter
Name/logo posted to social media
Name/logo on YouthBiz Expo poster & program
Name announced at YouthBiz Expo
Name in press release & PSA
Logo on Expo poster & program
Named Prize/Scholarship


General, non-voting, YES membership is open to anyone who wants to help young people thrive and prosper.


  • Subscription to YouthBiz newsletter
  • Invitations to special events
  • Special offers

Per anniversary year:

Individual or Family $10
Board Member $25
Organization $35
Business $50

Pay by Check: Make dues payable to “YES” and write “dues” on the memo line.

Pay By Credit Card: Pay your dues securely using PayPal. Your payment will appear as “Young Entrepreneurs” on your credit card bill.

YES offers a variety of volunteer opportunities tailored to meet your skills, interests and schedule. We are happy to explore possibilities with you! Please contact us by email or by phone at 443 333 8159. 

YES offers practica, internship, and work-study opportunities for high school, undergraduate, and graduate students. Your experience can be tailored to meet your skills, interests and schedule. We are happy to explore possibilities with you! Please contact us by email or by phone at 443 333 8159. 

The following questions and answers will help you consider serving as a member our Board of Directors.

What does a Director do?
The task of a director is to guide, develop and oversee the operation of YES by:

  • creating organizational goals and objectives based on our mission and vision
  • creating and overseeing the implementation of policies and procedures
  • monitoring financial performance
  • raising funds through activities, events, solicitations, and campaigns

What skills does the Board need?
We strive to create a productive team where each member will contribute their:

  • understanding of the issues of concern to young people;
  • familiarity with the communities in which young people live;
  • knowledge of entrepreneurship and social enterprise; and
  • prior board, community service, organizational development, and fundraising experience.

Who Can Be a Director?
Anyone who supports YES’s mission and vision. Pursuant to Maryland statutory law, there is no minimum age requirement for directors of nonprofit corporations in Maryland. The same provision pertaining to the qualifications of members of the board of directors of business corporations is applied to nonprofit corporations. See 2010 Maryland Code CORPORATIONS AND ASSOCIATIONS Section 2-403 – Qualifications of directors.

How is the Board structured?
The Board is comprised of a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of fifteen (15) directors. At least one third (1/3) of directors must be between fourteen (14) and nineteen (19) years of age.

New directors serve a term of one (1) year. After completing their first term, directors may be elected to serve for additional terms of one (1) year.

The Board has three (3) officers: a president, a treasurer, and a secretary. Officers are nominated and elected by the Board for terms of one (1) year. Officers may serve consecutive terms provided they are nominated and elected for each term.

How is a Director selected and elected?
A prospective director must be nominated by a YES member. Members include alumni and sitting or past directors. Elections take place at the YES annual membership meeting in October where candidates introduce themselves and field questions. A majority vote by show of hands decides elections.

If there are vacancies on the board between annual membership meetings, candidates may be nominated and elected to the board by the sitting directors, provided the candidate attends a board meeting for an interview prior to the vote that decides their election

Are Directors protected from liability?
Directors are protected from liability through YES’ Maryland nonprofit corporate charter and through YES’ directors and officers and liability insurance. Additional protection is afforded by requiring all YES staff, contractors, and volunteers (including directors) to undergo background checks prior to service.

Must Directors pay dues?
Yes. Dues are $25.00 per year, payable within four (4) weeks following election.

When does the Board meet?
The Board generally meets once a month for two hours. Regular attendance is important. Each director’s input contributes to our ability to make good decisions and our bylaws require a quorum (a majority of directors) be present to make decisions official.

Where does the Board meet?
Online and at a location TBA.

Next Steps?
We’d be glad to discuss your questions or concerns. Please contact us by email or by phone at 443 333 8159.

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